Volunteer at Grace Church

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your church community. It can help you find friends, reach out to your church, learn new skills, and much more. 



Volunteer Opportunities


Students Of Grace

Volunteer as a steward of God’s children. Provide a loving environment, help teach children at an age-appropriate level, and encourage them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

First Impressions

You have what it takes to make a great first impression! When you join the First Impressions team you have the chance to connect with our guests and show them the love of Christ.

Worship Team

Do you have musical talent and love to worship? Tryout for the Grace Worship team and help usher in the presence of God. Join a team that loves to worship our Lord.


Taking care of our church is a big task. From making coffee to cleaning the sanctuary, there are countless things that go into creating a loving environment where people can meet with God.

Digital Arts Team

Are you a person that’s creative, technical, or a bit of both? The Digital Arts team is behind the scenes using motion, light, and sound to bring the vision of the church to our guests.

Use Your Skills

Do you have a unique skill that you think would help support the mission and vision of Grace Church? We would love to hear about you and see God use your skill or talent.


What our volunteers are saying:

"I love to work with kids and find volunteering in the kid's church very fulfilling. The team is great and the leaders make the experience very easy. We are a family and together we share the love of Jesus with our precious kids! It's amazing!"

− Jessie

"Volunteering at Grace has been very rewarding for me. I have developed great relationships with awesome believers of Christ. At Grace you're not pressured into serving, you are free to serve wherever God leads you."

− Krystal

"Being a volunteer is awesome. Everyone works well together as a team. The love of God is truly evident in this FAMILY. Everyone plays their part and hold each other accountable. I am blessed to serve."

− Tim

"I am one of the greeters at grace church, I have been doing it a little over a year now. What a love about it is that you are placed at the front so you have direct contact to the people as they come in. You have the opportunity to see new faces as well as familiar faces and answer their questions."

− Juline

"Volunteering here at Grace Church San Antonio has given me an opportunity to meet new people. It's been such a welcoming place from day one and that has made a world of difference since moving here. Being among such friendly people has really encouraged me through some difficult times."

− Sandra