From The Inside Out

God’s Greatest Gift

Pretending Vs Believing

Divine Protection

What’s Your Heart Condition?

Which God Do You Need?

The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Keys to Relationship with God

I Love Life

The Seven Lamps of the Spirit

Stay Hungry for God

Believing Good Things Are Coming!

Overcoming The “If Only” Mentality

Man jumping to a cliff over the text I Do Everything in Faith

I Do Everything In Faith

I Am Anointed with a flam over the I in anointed

I Am Anointed

a chain breaking

Truth Will Make Me Free

Weights against a wall with Strengthen yourself in the lord in front of the weights in yellow text

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

Text of A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus on top of a solders helmet in the background

A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus

Man walking, holding his bible, with his shadow on a wall carrying a cross.

To Live Is Christ

Be a Receiver

He is Keeping Me text on top of Mountains in the background

He is Keeping Me

Woman holding baby feet


Yield Yourself

Yield Yourself

Individual Paradigms

Celebrate Transformation

Celebrate Transformation

Fish Wisely

Fish Wisely

God is on the move

God is on the Move







The Bible On Trial

Dangerous Exchange

The Greater Blessing

Don’t Settle for Religion

The Victim or The Victory

Don’t Settle


Peace on Earth

No Christmas

Love That Passes Knowledge

When God is Silent

Let Go of the Old

The Epic Life